September 8, 2020

HeadBidder new features: August 2020 update

As you might know, Prebid.js has been updated up to v.4 recently. Among others, this major version upgrade includes extended GDPR support. HeadBidder platform supports version 4 also, as well as introduced GDPR endorsement in the UI. For the moment Purpose 1 is supported, Purposes 2/7 are in the late testing stage.

A new GAM integration

Another major upgrade of HeadBidder tool are the re-designed:

  • Google Ad Manager integration process,
  • The introduction of GAM Orders and GAM Links features
  • Run-Of-Network (RON) Orders

These upgrades significantly simplify the whole integration process.

Try the tools out and get benefits for the new re-designed process. We are always here to help.

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