Header Bidding solution for publishers

Header Bidding technology is literally a couple of scripts that work in page header. However, the solution could help to make a web site loads faster and advertising delivered smarter.
Having Header Bidding solution live might help to avoid passbacks and discrepancies. By putting a wrapper script in the website’s header publishers have their bid requests sent at the same time to multiple programmatic advertising partners and receive a fair first price in the local in-page auction.

What is Header Bidding and how it works over the HeadBidder.net framework?

Header Bidding solution for publishers

Header Bidding solution key advantages

Higher Revenue

The average revenue uplift is at 10-30%*. Online publishers get the highest bids for any ad inventory and increase their overall yield.

Access to programmatic demand

The world's major ad buyers are directly integrated and sees publishers' ad inventory and bid on each impression at the same time. Publishers hold an auction and programmatically decide who will bid on its' inventory.

Header Bidding wrapper copy/paste integration

With a platform like Headbidder.net, a publisher just put a few lines of code into your websites' header and take all the profits from this integration in minutes. The platform also helps to save on skilled programmers' work.

Header Bidding minimal latency

Wrapper loads asynchronously and uses a CDN network for its' assets storage, auction performs in the background and doesn't stop the page content rendering. The publisher collects all the statistical data and builds own advertisement strategy smarter, relying on live numbers.

Header Bidding solution explained — FAQ and guide

What is Header Bidding and why you should use it?

Header bidding is a technology which allows to run a realtime auction on publisher's side. This decrease page latency and increase the CPM rates. When page is loaded the script in the header sends out bid requests to ad partners simultaneously, gets bids for ad spot and shows ads at the highest rate. If no bids return standard waterfall setup is initiated. So, you can run both header bidding and traditional waterfall ad serving setup on the same page.

How do I put it on my site?

You will need to create and tune a wrapper, the .js script. It is a core script that sends out requests and collects the bids. That's also required to build and put somewhere the prebid.js as well as integrate all parts together and add them to the header of your website. With Headbidder.net, now, publishers are able to manage all bidders added from the single Headbidders' GUI, it simplifies the whole Ad Operations process related to Prebid.js usage.
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