Prebid.js and Smart+ AdServer integration

Prebid.js and Smart+ AdServer integration
Embedded into the wrapper tool to integrate Prebid.js with Smart+ adserver. Operations are well documented and integration parameters are predefined in the UI.
Smart+ allows publishers to run direct and programmatic campaigns across all digital formats and screens. This is one of the most frequently used adserver in EU. Website owners, ad operations teams and developers could now integrate direct prebid.js customers and Smart+ SSP demand into the single marketing system.
Prebid.js and Smart+ AdServer integration

Easy integration

Each step is well documented. Few lines of code in website's header allow benefiting from Prebid.js and Smart+ through a single installation.

Maximize yields

The average revenue uplift with Header Bidding is 30%. It might be raised even more when using together with Smart+.


HeadBidder Wrapper is stand-alone and independent from other industry players (DSPs, SSPs, analytic platforms, etc.). Еxcel data protection and privacy standards. Data and sales are under users' control.
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