Prebid.js and Amazon Publisher Services integration

Prebid.js and Amazon Publisher Services integration
The tool to easily integrate Prebid.js with APS and increase revenue with one call to server-side auction, where all bidders compete equally.
With just a couple of parameters get integrated your prebid.js wrapper and APS. Improve revenue with no impact on latency with one call to the cloud-based marketplace, enjoy direct relationships with programmatic buyers.
Website owners, ad operations teams and developers get tool to:
  • Easily create a link between prebid and APS entities using GUI, no coding needed;
  • Get a better demand from the largest Amazon marketplace sellers;
  • Build competition among prebid-driven and APS customers;
  • Track detailed reports.
Prebid.js and Amazon Publisher Services integration

Easy API integration

No need in a manual effort, all automated. Few lines of code in website's header allow benefiting from Prebid.js and APS through a single installation.

Maximize yields

The average revenue uplift with Header Bidding is 30%. It might be raised even more when using together with Amazon Publisher Services, the biggest marketplace worldwide.


HeadBidder Wrapper is stand-alone and independent from other industry players (DSPs, SSPs, analytic platforms, etc.). Еxcel data protection and privacy standards. Data and sales are under users' control.
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