Header Bidding Wrapper

Header Bidding Wrapper
Header Bidding Wrapper is the Javascript tag that put on the publisher's webpage into the head part and performs auction asynchronously. The Headbidder.net wrapper is built in a way that organizes multiple demand partners, set the auction rules, collect reporting and maintain numerous supplementary features.
Header Bidding Wrapper
The wrapper is actually the script that a human may build from scratch getting acquainted with programming and prebid documentation. Even been a professional online marketer may face challenges while implementing the prebid wrapper. Due to header bidding wrapper complicity by nature, if the one is not configured properly, it can dramatically affect the web page loading speed and the performance of demand partners.
HeadBidder.net wrapper building tool is actually the set of instruments, processes and approaches that makes it possible to build a well-working header bidding wrapper in a UI, like completing a simple puzzle. Features that get a user are:
  • Header Bidding Wrapper online build and editing,
  • Integration with GAM manually and via API,
  • Add/Remove ad units,
  • GDPR/USP built-in support,
  • Bidders, aliases and modules are available,
  • Banner and Video demand in a single setup,
  • Unified wrapper script editable only once, all further amendments via UI only,
  • Fast CDN and a bunch of embedded supplementary features.
The user gets a single line script call that just works.
Header Bidding Wrapper

No programming skills needed

Zero development work required. Necessary features are built-in in the utility: add/remove bidders, tune parameters, download and install ready-to-go JavaScript exclusively prepared for every website.


HeadBidder includes performance and setup accuracy control, uncovers issues with adapters setup. The latest version of prebid.js and newly added prebid partners are immediately available for setup and management in the console. Latency decreased.


HeadBidder Wrapper is stand-alone and independent from other industry players (DSPs, SSPs, analytic platforms, etc.). Еxcel data protection and privacy standards. Data and sales are under users' control.
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