Header Bidding Wrapper

The tool to build your own header bidding wrapper online and get analytic reports at the single console. Stand-alone and independent from other industry players HeadBidder.net is not a demand source or a trading platform but publishers’ outfit.
With the client-side header bidding, an auction takes place in users’ browser. A piece of javascript is being added to web page's header part. It calls prebid.js, uses bidders parameters and waterfall setup. This script is being executed each time a page loads and sends requests to a third-party ad space buyers. Bids then start coming in, and the highest bid wins.
No programming skills needed and you do zero development work taking advantage of using Header Bidding Wrapper Manager tool. Everything is embedded in the utility: you can create a set of bidders, tune parameters, download and install ready-to-go javascript exclusively prepared for your website. Read more about Header Bidding Setup here

Header Bidding wrapper is set in three steps with HeadBidder :

Step 1:
Create an account, add a site, site's sections, set header bidding auction timeout and waterfall.
Step 2:
Add or edit your buying partners using their bidding parameters. Now you are ready for the javascript download.
Step 3:
Download javascript and add to the web page. You are done. Need to change something, just repeat steps 2 and 3.
HeadBidder Pro includes performance and setup accuracy control, uncovers issues with prebid adapters setup, provides unlimited access to analytics and allows to manage your header bidding setup without having to download/upload anything each time you made an amendment.

HeadBidder Pro includes header bidding analytics tool :

  • Learn how accurate your header bidding setup, find and erase errors.
  • Get unlimited access to prebid analytics. Learn more here.
  • Use the newest version of wrapper immediately after you made a change.
  • Use the latest version of prebid.js, it is called from your wrapper.
  • Newly added prebid partners are immediately available for setup and testing using HeadBidder console.
  • Block/unblock ad units on your web page without having to remove iframes or divs.
  • Use server-side wrapper store and call option.
HeadBidder.net is the stand-alone, independent from other industry players (DSPs, SSPs, analytic platforms, etc.). No potential for bid manipulation, no prioritization of one bidder over another, excel data protection and privacy standards. You own your data and control sales.

Advantages of Header Bidding implementation:

Easy copy/paste integration:

Put a few lines of code into your website's header and start getting the highest auctioned CPM rates from your bidders. Your traditional 'waterfall' solution can still serve as a back-up.

Maximize yields:

The average revenue uplift is 30%, because you get the highest bids for any digital ad inventory and increase your overall yield.

Minimal latency:

Header Bidding wrappers load asynchronously and perform auctions in the background. Content of your webpage renders before any advertisement, decreasing overall latency and bringing a better user experience.
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