Header Bidding Wrapper

Header Bidding Wrapper
Embedded tool to build header bidding wrapper and manage working utilities online: website accounts with the possibility of using/editing an unlimited number of ad zones and adapters, the newest official up-to-date prebid.js build, bid adjustments, custom parameter adapter fields and integration with Google Ad Manager.
Header Bidding Wrapper

No programming skills needed

Zero development work required. Necessary features are built-in in the utility: add/remove bidders, tune parameters, download and install ready-to-go JavaScript exclusively prepared for every website.


HeadBidder includes performance and setup accuracy control, uncovers issues with adapters setup. The latest version of prebid.js and newly added prebid partners are immediately available for setup and management in console. Latency decreased.


HeadBidder Wrapper is stand-alone and independent from other industry players (DSPs, SSPs, analytic platforms, etc.). Еxcel data protection and privacy standards. Data and sales are under users' control.
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