Header Bidding Analytics

Header Bidding Analytics
Embedded tool to collect and store prebid analytic data, track and evaluate sites' entire header bidding performance online.

Full reporting

HeadBidder analytics collect data on the client's side, directly from the prebid.js auction in user's browser. It records ALL the bids received, not only the winning ones. User obtains aggregate bidding activity info. This allows to estimate missed auction opportunities, and not only see the auction results.

Metrics and values

Bids and Wins, Revenue and CPMs, Bid rate, Win rate, Time-out events and Latency per day per bidder, and much more.

Get the most from your data

  • How much revenue do you make each day from each bidder?
  • How does the bid response time of each demand partner compare to others?
  • Who is the underperforming demand partner in terms of bid rate and win rate?
  • Which one of your demand partners is slowing-down bidding, who brings the worst time-out?
  • What is the best time-out value to get the highest website revenue?
  • What discrepancies you have and where they come from?
Header Bidding Analytics
Go deeper, investigate each bidder bid/win CPM broken by geography, by ad spot size, by a device type. Look into bid CPM landscape. Find setup errors and identify areas to amend and improve. Constantly monitor actual fill rates, win rates and win prices, eliminate discrepancies between your ad stack and demand partner's reports.
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