Header Bidding Analytics

The tool to collect prebid analytic data, build reports and graphs, make decisions how to improve your header bidding wrapper setup.
HeadBidder analytics collect data on the client's side, directly from the prebid.js auction in user's browser. It records all the bids received, not only the winning ones. Thus data is different from what you see in ad server or through demand partner reporting interface. You obtain all bidding activity information and may see all opportunities, not only the auction results. Having your own reporting data at the single console you get a full view of what is going on your web page as well as collect trustworthy data to compare clients’ numbers with.
Revenue per bidder reporting

The HeadBidder prebid.js analytics tool helps to answer questions like:

  • How much revenue do you make each day from each bidder?
  • How does the bid response time of each demand partner compare to others?
  • Who is the underperforming demand partner in terms of bid rate and win rate?
  • Which one of your demand partners is slowing-down bidding, who brings the worst time-out?
  • What is the best time-out value to get the highest website revenue?
  • What discrepancies you have and where they come from?
Response time analysis
Go deeper, investigate each bidder bid/win CPM broken by geography, by ad spot size, by a device type. Look into bid CPM landscape. Find setup errors and identify areas to amend and improve. Constantly monitor actual fill rates, win rates and win prices, eliminate discrepancies between your ad stack and demand partner's reports.

Advantages of Header Bidding implementation:

Easy copy/paste integration:

Put a few lines of code into your website's header and start getting the highest auctioned CPM rates from your bidders. Your traditional 'waterfall' solution can still serve as a back-up.

Maximize yields:

The average revenue uplift is 30%, because you get the highest bids for any digital ad inventory and increase your overall yield.

Minimal latency:

Header Bidding wrappers load asynchronously and perform auctions in the background. Content of your webpage renders before any advertisement, decreasing overall latency and bringing a better user experience.
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