September 26, 2022

Google Ad Manager. Cross-platform analytics available

Getting know how site earn with Google Ad Manager. Cross-platform analytics available on one screen in HeadBidder UI.

With the latest update HeadBidder platform made a step toward. It introduced cross-platform analytics feature. Now it puts together all the analytic numbers that generates an ad unit on page. Header bidding and Google Ad Manager analytics also.

We’ve conducted some investigations when site is integrated simultaneously with Google Ad Manager (GAM) and Prebid. We made assumption that in this case Prebid driven clients lose a part of auctions. From commercial side that’s not bad as GAM is pushed to pay higher to win the auction in this case.

However, publisher needs to get the general picture of the advertising stack performance on a website or a sigle ad spot. User should be able to analyse volumes and CPMs, broken by site, bidder, geo, platform and other parameters.
With traditional setup to have a “bird view” result users need to make multiple reports from several platforms and perform a cross-check manually.
With the cross-platform analytics tool introduction it’s not an issue now. HeadBidder tracks, counts and adds a number of sales that lost with Prebid but filled with GAM with banners or video ads.

These numbers give an opportunity to users to assume total number of sales via the ad unit, a border CPM when GAM starts winning and Prebid starts losing auctions, and assumption about total revenue for a slot within a timeframe.

This is how reports look like:

google ad manager impression wins
google ad manager revenue table
google ad manager revenue graph

For more info contact account manager.

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