January 22, 2021

Video Header Bidding support released

1. What is Header Bidding Technology

2. Display and Video Header Bidding

3. HeadBidder.net header bidding wrapper supports in-stream video ad via any video player* [*tested with the most widely-used players]

4. UI, ease, embed 3rd party’s ad tech vendors integrations and reporting

What is Header bidding Technology

Header Bidding Technology is the one of the latest trends in the digital ad tech. It is based on the auction which is being held in the web page’s header and directly in the browser the user is using. The auction is held among the advertisers who wish to bid and win the impression of the visitors of the particular website.

Unlike the standard waterfall technology all advertisers bid for the impression simultaneously and not in accordance with the priority set beforehand. The best bid wins.

Display and Video Header Bidding

The first adoption of header bidding tech was for display desktop and mobile web inventory. To utilize the tech, developer should place in the website’s header a piece of code which will act as a wrapper. Actually in this wrapper the auction is held. Obvious appeal of this method is that action is held BEFORE the whole page is loaded.

With the tech extension of the method, Video Header Bidding proves it’s efficiency for publishers. It helps to increase their yield for the same content.

On the tech side, the header bidding auction for video is still held in the web page header. Then, winner ad is rendered in the video player on page. Ad is shown after user clicks “Play” to initiate video or immediately in case of “Auto-Play” video type.

When video header bidding provided by Video DSP the auction available for the its video player.

Video ads via Headbidder.net manager [HBM]

Headbidder.net [HBM] wrapper is available for publishers use and now supports video advertisement.

It is universal and applicable to any video player* [*tested with the most widely-used video players]. This means that the range of video players to use for header bidding depends on only publisher decision.

As for publisher, no new hardware and software is needed.

Tech team of the HeadBidder.net did their best to make setup process as simple as possible for user.

Platform user shouldn’t handle all the technology details. All programming and groundwork made on the back-end.

Publisher needs to have video player on page. Video header bidding with he HeadBidder starts with the steps below:

1. Create “Site” in the UI.

2. Choose type of site.

3. Add “Ad Unit” for this “Site”.

4. In case “Site” runs both video and display ad, add “Video Ad Unit” and “Banner ad Unit”

5. In the section “Take code” for the “Site” will be generated: (a) scripts for the header; (b) divs for body; (c) variables for video ad to be shown in player.

6. Place parameters from #5 on site.

7. Track reporting, which is also embed in the HeadBidder Reporting Module.

8. Make amendments in setup, add/remove bidders without touching page source at all.

Thus, the code, which supports work with video ads, wrapper, reporting, ets. already developed and implemented on the back-end. The HeadBidder user might start running video ads on it’s websites right away.

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