February 26, 2019

Header Bidding Middleware

Focus on the core part of your business that brings you money, use HeadBidder.net for mechanic work that can be automated. Headbidder.net Introduces the Ultimate Middleware for Header Bidding Ad Stack for Yield Optimization Teams.


LIMASSOL, CYPRUS, November 25, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — With technology becoming an inseparable part of our daily lives, we seek the comfort that technology provides at every turn. This mantra also directly applies to the complicated field of digital yield optimization. Accessible and understood by most yield optimization specialists not long ago, the sphere becomes more and more complex with a raft of new technologies and ad formats. How do I apply header bidding to a site? What do I do with a waterfall? Which kind of auction do I choose, which vendor? Is my choice the best one or I am missing valuable opportunities?

Just a couple of years ago yield optimization specialists simply had to be smarter in strategy to gain success. With digital industry development, they have to be also faster in learning and adopting new technologies.

Optimization teams deal with numerous websites to work on improving their yield. They have to decide which buyers will have access to how much inventory, at which time, through which buying channels and at which CPMs. The yield optimization specialist has to keep fill-rates high regardless of seasons or other external factors. The job of increasing the monetization of their audiences need to be effective, it relies on greater flexibility of workloads and the ability to quickly scale up and down tasks in response to the business environment.

To resolve such difficulties Headbidder.net has been developed as a neutral technical middleware – a Header Bidding As-a-Service – for publishers and yield optimization professionals.

Through the UI, teams manage their working utilities online: website accounts with the possibility of using/editing an unlimited number of ad zones and adapters, the newest official up-to-date prebid.js build, bid adjustments, custom parameter adapter fields and integration with Google Ad Manager.

It’s Headbidder technology made elegant, focussing on the specific features of day-to-day yield optimization operations.

A professional team’s time and experience can still pay dividends by making smarter optimization choices, but the mechanics can be automated and left to the service.

Headbidder As-a-Service for yield optimization purposes allows for scalability, the latest technologies in one platform, shorter implementation cycles and increased responsiveness.

ELMAN SYSTEMS Limited, the owner of Headbidder.net, develop the Header Bidding As-a-Service platform which is made for publishers and yield optimization professional teams. Necessary features and tools are pre-built: container, 3rd-party integrations, analytics.

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