April 22, 2019

Header Bidding Manager platform stunning updates. April’19 release.

HeadBidder.net – facilitates Header Bidding Technology adoption for website owners and yield optimizers. This month we came in with some great and helpful capacities:

  • Conditional Ad Units – now are flexible in tunings

As Prebid.org fairly says: the “sizeConfig” feature is useful for responsive ad designs. In reality a number of other scenarios is demanded as well:

-What if some bidders should be skipped for some devices?

-What if some bidders have different parameters for different devices?

-What if some ad unit auctions should be skipped entirely for some devices?

By using this feature of flexible Conditional Ad Units that’s possible to run auctions for only profitable bidders on the particular ad unit, device type, and screen resolution. Our PRO users may also safe significant billing items by not running auctions for each user on each device. It also allows to make setup easier, stop using HBM site-copies and different <head> scripts.

  • Bidder Alias.

Is used when you have two or more accounts with the same SSP with different revenue share values or when you use different SSP accounts for different devices. Starting from now you may use the “Bidder Alias” feature separately or in combination with “Conditional Ad Units”. It makes the HBM script setup more flexible. Separate reporting for aliases is also available.

  • Custom Bidder Adapter.

By default, we provide publishers with official Prebid.js only, with its latest official versions. Starting from today our users may use their own prebid.js compliant scripts in combination with standard prebid.js. Contact Support for details and integration examples at support@headbidder.net

Stay tuned!

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