March 20, 2020

Headbidder Platform, new features. March 2020 release.

We are happy to announce the new HBM UI release that went live today. Major changes and improvements include:

  • The extended User Sync module support, as well as 3rd party User Sync Providers, support. The feature is in the late-beta stage and we hope our customers find it useful while GDPR/CCPA/etc. user privacy matters are on its rise.
  • New reporting. There are some improvements in legacy table-style reports that are the most useful tool for AdOps professionals. We now offer a series of graphical reports that include simple statistics on main metrics as well as deeper analysis that allows comparing entities in your account. We also added a couple of experimental graphs such as the “Funnel report” and “Sankey diagram”. Feel free to try them out and speak out loud what is good what not yet.
  • A minor change in UI – separate Tools section, Graph reports are in a separate section now too.

HeadBidder Platform is the Ultimate Middleware for your Header Bidding stack that helps to focus on the core part of your business, that brings you money, use for mechanic work that can be automated.

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