March 12, 2020

Dynamic Prebid.js uses Version 3.xx.

Good news for all our pro- and enterprise customers. HeadBidder platform has launched the “dynamic prebid.js” feature with the latest version 3.9.0
Our tests say that efforts are paying off. We have received positive feedback from beta-users. They say that site speed raised up as well as actioning performance increased.
We were measuring the prebid size and the mean gain is 4X. Normally, full prebid.js with all modules is about 1.1 Mb, mean custom prebid among our beta-users is about 250Kb.

Dynamic Prebid

Details about “dynamic prebid.js”.
This is the account option that intended to speed up prebid.js file delivery. Upon activation, wrappers will start using the minimal prebid.js file containing only those bidders that publisher use and all necessary modules.
Once the publisher adds/removes bidders the personal prebid.js is updated (re-build) automatically. The fallback option also exists in order for your wrapper works normally in any case.
The feature is available on Pro and Enterprise price plans and is on the “pre-public release” stage. Selected users will be included manually by the Support team. Don’t hesitate to contact Support with requests.

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