June 17, 2020

How HBM works and helps header bidding fill rate grow?

A lot of publishers and yield optimization teams know in general about header bidding ad technology but do not obtain enough development skills to integrate it by themselves. As a result, they stay away from using it, but in vain. A smart approach can increase header bidding fill rate and earnings.

Headbidder is a platform with built-in tools aimed to simplify all operations and processes needed for header bidding technology setup and running on the website.

In this article, we’d like to share general provisions of how the platform works out-of-the-box, as a single organism.

The overall picture looks like this: a publisher creates an account on the platform, tunes adops parameters, generates wrapper, and puts it on the website. Then user may concentrate on content and traffic generating as all what could be automated is automated and built into Headbidder tools.

There are several steps to set Headbidder and start auction in site’s header:

  • 1. Create your account at Headbidder.net
  • 2. Add your site
  • 3. Get a wrapper and add it to you site header and DIVs into body
  • 4. In the UI tune bidding parameters: choose and add bidders, set floor rates, add Amazon, etc.
  • 5. Start monetization
  • 6. Check reports
  • 7. Adjust bidding parameters if needed

That’s it. Below is the short list of what is done for you in the Headbidder and might be used for ad optimization.

Built-in features, development stuff that you shouldn’t waste valuable time for:

  • 1. Wrapper js created
  • 2. All existing adapters embedded, permanently tracked and updated, added to your wrapper automatically when press ADD button
  • 3. Floor pricing, multicurrency features
  • 4. Dynamic Prebid feature
  • 5. Extended User Sync module support
  • 6. GAM integration tool, no need to create tons of LI manually now
  • 7. GAM Size Mapping and Prebid Conditional Ad Units feature
  • 8. Amazon and Smart+ adserver pre-integrated
  • 9. Other “sweet” ad operations tools to easy optimization built-in
  • 10. Granular reporting for decisions making
  • 11. Custom bidders/adapters are supported
  • 12. Fast CDN support
  • 13. GDPR v.2 and USP support

How the ecosystem works.

1. At first of all, user creates and manages an account on the platform. The account is proprietary and belongs only to the user/company that created it. Important, no third party player can influence or get the information on running the account. Note, for publishers with volumes up to 3mm requests per month usage is absolutely free. For larger monthly volumes, a serving fee applied. No other fees, billing is transparent.

2. The user has its own commercial relations with bidder, adapters owners (the inventory buyers). Headbidder might only assist with acquiring such relationships, doesn’t get into the sales process, and has not cut from profit.

3. Pleased with the fact, that all tools, integrations, and features in Headbidder are built-in, automated, constantly updated, and made for comfort using.

Finally, results earned with HBM help.

Currently, active platform users achieved up to a 35% fill rate on the header bidding channel only while serving costs decreased down to as low as 1-4% from the ad revenue.

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