June 28, 2022

How to increase yield from a website (part 1)

There are 3 major and obvious blocks to work on when you think how to increase yield from a website:

  1. Impressions of ad units,
  2. User’s cliks on adspots,
  3. Price of click.

Here we’ll look more precisely into how to improve the ad spots impressions on website’s pages.

how to increase yield

1. Grow coverage (determine optimal quantity of ad spots).
Carefully add ads spots paying attention to such metrics as user’s time on website, bounce rate as the same time keeping an eye on the dinamic of yield change. Pages load time and user’s adblocking rate shouldn’t be affected.

2. Improve viewability.
Leaderboard (horizontal banner) it’s better to aligh on the first screen below the header. This will allow to avoid accidental scrolling and increase viewability.
Also viewability depends on the loading speed.
Choose your tech stack. For instance, header bidding stack allows to decrease loading speed in comparison with the js tags and waterfall.
Using Lazy load feature also helps to increase viewability.

3. Grow pages/visits ratio.
Implement recommendations spots, this will increase users engagenment. Such spots also may be used for native ads.

4. Decrease bounce rate
Might be achieved with improving site’s navigation ans search. The eaiser browising the longer user stays on your website. Intuitive design is also your friend.

5. Drive more traffic
Keywords, guest posts, useful and attractive content, social media, backlinks are your tools for attraction audience on a website.

6. Increase fill rate
If there is no need or special obligations, don’t limit advertising by geo or brands. The same is for floor rates if you do not have 100% fill rate.

To set up header bidding on your website or just ask a question please contact us.

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