May 27, 2019 is a perfect fit for you if… is a perfect fit for you if your DAILY responsibilities for ad stack and yield optimization are:

  • Tracking the advertising, monetization and revenue potential of websites, pages, ad spots and placements,
  • Analysis of the share of the distribution of advertising inventory direct vs programmatic,
  • Analysis of response and win rates per each switched SSP, comparing statistics, revealing if there is a discrepancy, maintaining XLS,
  • Discovering in the browser console if there are errors in the prebid configuration,
  • Creating Google Ad Manager placements and orders,
  • Managing floor rates.

All these and even more ad operations, analytics, as well as wrappers and ad orders creations are automated with You can add more bidders, change floor price, setup timeouts, revenue shares, set price granularity, see all bidding opportunities and more just by pushing a button. The tool does all routine job, all technical and coding things and collects statistical data.
Also, an important notice for publishers which have built own bidder adapters to serve direct ad sales is that 3rd parties wrappers might not allow adding own adapters as they will want to control such activity. In Headbidder GUI you may add any adapter you want and have full visibility and control.

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