May 17, 2019

Client-side Header Bidding NOT VS Server-side Header Bidding

Lots of papers and opinions have been written regarding what is better for a publisher to use client-side header bidding or server-side header bidding. But there is still no clear answer for users and investigation research shows that all speakers leave the final decision again to publisher’s shoulders.

Common advantages of client-side header bidding are obvious revenue uplift and increased fill rate, cookie matching when demand partners obtain direct access to users’ cookies which is vital in terms of user’s value relative to each specific buyer’s campaign.

At the same time pointed out such disadvantages of usual setup as page latency (page load time) and thus limited number of demand partners which can be added in the wrapper. That comes together with heavy technical setup.

It would seem that server-side header bidding would resolve inconvenience of the client-side solution, but not. Here we face a lower cookie match rate since the auction is held on an external server, instead of the page header what results in lower fill rates and thus revenues. For publishers, use of external server also means less transparency and control on their for ad stack, on how their revenue is calculated and traffic spread among bidders.

Headbidder is a header bidding service operating at the junction of those technologies. It goes further in header bidding development to make it as convenient and effective for publishers as possible. Utilizing all client-side header bidding advantages it acts as an independent ad server, where an unlimited number of bidders can be added, publishers have control over revenue shares and bidders setups as well as get complete header bidding analytics. Not only wins reported in GUI but missed opportunities also which is vital for managing ad monetization strategy. It integrates with Google Ad Manager automatically in several clicks – the management can be done directly from the console, no need to create the bulk of orders or set price granularity manually. Thanks to some improvements page latency time is reduced in several times, which is good for the website’s user experience.

Built-in features help greatly and users are happy they do all fast and easy, have all data on hands and should not pay any additional taxes.

Open your account here now and test-out all the features free of charge.

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