Header Bidding Setup Manager

The first tool to build header bidding wrapper and get analytic reports at the single console.
Build and download free of charge. No programming skills required.
While thinking how to implement header bidding on the website give a try to our tool.
It allows starting selling ads with Prebid.js version 1.xx on any website within an hour.
Easy-to-use GUI to add websites, ad units, bidders and deploy header bidding wrapper without programming skills. Start selling ads at first price using client-side pre-bidding. With HeadBidder.net Header Bidding Implementation Made Easy.
Client-side analytics about all auctions running on the websites. HeadBidder monitors header bidding performance, uncover issues with Prebid.js adapters setup and helps to increase a website's revenue. Get unlimited access to Prebid Analytics.
Stand-alone, independent from other industry players (DSPs, SSPs, Analytic Platforms etc.), online tool. No potential for bid manipulation, no prioritization of one bidder over another, excel data protection and privacy standards. You own your data.
HeadBidder bidding manager add sites

Implement header bidding with ease

Add sites, site sections, edit site properties and header bidding auction timeouts, add and edit ad units. All you need to create your own wrapper is built into the GUI.
Add prebid bidders in HeadBidder manager

Add or edit bidding partners

Each and every one bidder which exists in prebid.js could be easily added into your wrapper. You can edit each parameter, know which one is mandatory, aware which bidder supports newest prebid.js version. Your new client goes live immediately after you press "Save".
Header Bidding Wrapper Setup

Add two pieces of code and you are done

No need for programming skills. Header bidding is all about ad operations, the same as you manage standard ad tags in a waterfall setup. Put the wrapper on site and add/remove bidders, without having to change the code again on the website itself or download anything from prebid.org.
Header Bidding performance analysis

Header Bidding performance analysis

Prebid analytic reports are built in Google Ad Manager-styled interface and allow to analyse your header bidding data broken by sites, bidders, ad units, ad sizes, geo, device and combinations of these metrics.
Header bidding Google Ad Manager integration

Prebid.js and Google Ad Manager integration

There are two Google Ad Manager integration options available: Manual integration where you are provided with detailed instructions and Google Ad Manager API access integration where everything is done automatically. Both options available in the HeadBidder Manager console for PRO users along with detailed step-by-step manuals.
Responsive time analysis report

Analyse Bidders Latency and Timeouts

Analyse timeouts, identify the bidder which can be slowing your website down. Monitor what is the latency of each bidder and how often timeout event is recorded for a bidder. The time delay is the first parameter to monitor for header bidding and the first one which helps to increase yield.

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